Stone Boutique ( Ltda.) , a marble and granite retailer and distributer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We have more than 35 types of granite stones and about 12 types of different Marble tiles.

Stone Boutique  can export the granite and marble tiles with the measurements our clients  want for flooring, counter tops, stair cases or any other fitting needed.

Our product has exclusive characteristics and our market is very competitive since  we have direct access to the granite quarries from bedrocks here in Brazil. These types of rare and exotic granite  are most wanted and they’re only found here.

Regarding the exportation process we will be dealing with everything , so no need to worry about the paper work whatsoever.


For more information submit the form Below or contact us via e-mail : info@stoneboutique.com.br  or via WhatsApp +55 11 97339-0140 .

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